Our Niche (Affiliate) WebSites are essentially money making sites. You pick a website that matches your niche of choice, then we attach your affiliate marketing accounts to your website(s) (Commission Junction, Amazon, Rakuten Affiliate – or whatever affiliate & sales network you are a member of) and you just sit back and make money! With 4-5 pages (with room to grow to infinity), all of our Niche Websites are geared for products, blog, ads & a shop – and also for maximum exposure on the main page. All of our websites guide the visitor – Sales Funnel style – to increase conversion probability.

All the PRODUCT IMAGES & the TEXT can be changed, to YOUR specifications, at no extra fee. The backgrounds & others images may be edited, for a small fee, ($25 per page). So, if you’re not happy with the OPTIMIZED images we have provided, you can switch them out with your own. The Niche Websites take up to 5 days to complete – Start to Launch (provided we have everything we need from you). But, if all the information needed is present immediately, a Niche Website can be ready in as little as 72 hours!

Now, with the Niche Website, we assume you already have affiliate programs you’re a member of. If not, we will pick the best affiliates to match your niche, strategically arrange their ads on every page of your new website & even add up to 30 of their top selling products to your shop page. This IS ALL A PART OF THE PURCHASE PRICE! NO ONE ELSE does this except Buzaz!

And each & every one of our websites include:

  1. Free Web Hosting for 1 YEAR!
  2. An SSL for a Secure & Safe environment for your website visitors (also a requirement for most affiliates).
  3. A CDN (content delivery network) to speed up your website around the world.
  4. Capacity for UP TO 1 MILLION Visitors Monthly!!!
  5. Access to your WordPress Dashboard, sFTP & SSH (to edit your website if needed, on your own!)
  6. 20% off ANY WebSite Support needed from our Support Partner, NoF  (this is AFTER the website is up & running). NoF offers support & editing for all of our customers at a discount!
  7. We will also create your Social Media Channels FOR YOU if you don’t have them for an extra fee (see Add-Ons) – Connecting them is included – this is ONLY if you need US to create them FOR YOU.
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