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We’ve built some pretty amazing online businesses for our friends.

Take a look below & choose YOUR new online presence. Remember, just because a website is titled with a specific NICHE doesn’t mean it can’t be used for something else! Also, MANY of these sites are LIVE websites – SO YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN DOMAIN (but we can help with that!). We thought it best if you saw YOUR new business the way it would be seen by your customers. So disregard the different ads & products (you may choose differently after all), as well as all the verbiage (Your custom verbiage is added for free of course). Make notes of any images you may want to change (changing images is FREE for the 1st TWO edits & ONLY $25 per page after that, an AMAZING  price by the way), or anything else you may want to add or remove. There are SO many designs to choose from, you may likely just stick with what we have here – many do. Copy the WEBSITE DOMAIN NAME & then click the BIG RED button. We will call you ASAP & begin setting YOU up for SUCCESS!!!


Choose From Any of These Websites OR Reach Out For Custom Options! If You Need Help Choosing A Niche, Read This Handy Guide Or Reach Out To Us Below For One On One Guidance!

Choose A Website OR - Reach Out To Buzaz With YOUR Niche Ideas & I Will Develop A Website For It!

Great For Blog & Shopping

Outdoors, Hiking & Camping

Health & Fitness

Also Great For Any Niche*

Simple Tech Site

Also Great For Other Niche Products

Versatile Website

Fashion & Lifestyle Option

Adult Theme

Great For Adult Products & Fashion!

Great For Drone sales!

Sell & Advertise Drones & Fun Stuff

Outdoors Site

Great For Outdoors Activities & Products

Food Blog

Start A Foodie Blog & Sell Related products!

Gardening Site

Great Blogging Niche! Sell Gardening Supplies

Perfect All Around Theme

Great For Photography Blog & Sales!

Motivational Site

Great For Blogging & Self Help Sales

Toys Website!

Sell & Blog About Toys!

Basic Websites ($150) $150 To Start Your Business!

Simple Theme

For Targeted Sales & Content Marketing (Blog) – Shopify, Affiliates, Etsy – Anything!

Fullscreen Theme

Great For Photography & Art Showcases – Showcase Your Work!

Menu Theme

Great For Restaurants, Food Trucks & Other Service indusrty Sites!

Your Idea!

Have An Idea For A 1-2 Page Website? Reach Out & We May Use It For YOUR Site!

Need a kickstart?